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Short Story: Much More Than Just Paris in The Writenow Lit, Feb, 27.2023 - Read

Short Story: I wait for you among the seagulls in The Dillydoun Review, issue 4. May, 20,2021 - Read

Short Story: Porto Covo is a Strange Place in Willows Wept Review, issue 19. Dec. 19, 2020. Print edition only.

Short Story: Any Given Day (Gloria) in The Opiate Magazine, issue 23. Print edition only.

Short Story: The Rules of Attraction in The Opiate Magazine. Oct, 13, 2020. - Read

Poem: The Plain of all Delusions in The Tiger Moth Review. Mar, 27, 2020. - Read

Poem: The Utopia of the days in Eye Flash Poetry. January, 2020.
Print edition only.

Poem: The Restless Tides of the Tagus in Elephants Never. December 2, 2019 - Read

Short Story: Thank God I drove past you today in The Fictional Café. November 20, 2019 - Read

Poem: Mirages in Nightingale and Sparrow. October, 2019. - Read

Poem: Your Eyes in Selcouth Station. May 19, 2019 - Read

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